Floo : Fish Aquatic Adventure

Floo : Fish Aquatic Adventure

Floo : Fish Aquatic Adventure

Ace Legends
Andriod 4.0.3+


Floo is an online multiplayer survival game where you control a fish and must compete against other players in becoming the biggest fish in the sea.

Swim in a breathtaking sea environment filled with colourful sea plants and collect food – you can also eat other fish, but be careful as you can also become someone else’s food. Avoid touching poisonous urchins or the tentacles of the sea predator as game is over if you do so.

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Multiplayer survival game. Help your cute fish survive in a sea of dangers. Floo is a massive online multiplayer game where hundreds of players are in 1 room. Try to collect pellets and grow, eat other fish and avoid getting eaten!
  • Power-up boosts. You can collect power-ups too that help your fish swim faster, be invisible for a short while and even become invincible and eat bigger fish or the sea creatures. You can also temporarily boost its stamina to swim faster when another fish tries to eat you or the deadly sea creature is close.
  • Worldwide leaderboards & achievements. See a real-time ranking leaderboard where the biggest fish and the most aggressive ones rule the TOP 10. Do you have what it takes to join them? You can also get achievements if you play well enough.
  • Custom skins. Using in-game gold shells you can unlock beautiful fish skins and customize your fish. This way you can give it your personal touch and differentiate from the other fish in the sea.
  • Breath-taking graphics. The visuals will captivate your eyes as every detail was carefully crafted to create a stunning visual experience. Swimming fish are animated, the water is filled with colourful corals, anemones and seaweed, not to mention a humongous sea predator you must avoid.