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Flipping the Word



Ever wished you could invent funny-yet-sophisticated insults? With “Flipping the Word” you can generate over 40,000 phrases for those moments (daily for some) when you really need to add insult to injury.

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Product Description

Sure, you can always call your co-worker an A** but it is even better to call them a “Diaper Sniffer”. It’s a clever way to relieve pressure on your side by swearing without being offensive to your interlocutor. This app is your perfect companion for loose language and the ultimate slang dictionary builder. If you know and use FU** you’re just rude, if you know/create/invent sophisticated bad words you’ll be an artist, the king of foul language.
Here are the features that make FTW (Flipping the Word, not for-the-win) the perfect tool to puzzle your friends and family in your insult troll-scapade:

  • The Holy Grail of Foul Language. This is the only app that has 40,000 (and growing) possible curse words. From crazy insults (i.e. “Sisy Monster”) to creative ones (“Wench Farm”), sky’s the limit on what you can generate.
  • Endless Flip. You can reveal “fun” word combinations by simply tapping/flipping the words shown on screen.
  • Shake for Inspiration. Each phrase contains 2 words and you can simply shake your phone to jumble them and discover a new random expression.
  • Save Insults. If you encounter a memorable curse expression you can save it for later use by simply tapping on the Favorite icon. This way you can prepare for your next foul language battle with your friends.

Flipping the Word has a simple interface that lets you focus on finding a fun curse word, fast. It is the NSFW version of Scrabble or Word Search. The app is available for free on Google Play ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hareballstudios.ftw ) and it’s one tap away from exposing your mind to the filthiest-yet-fun slang dictionary on the market.


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