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Find or offer help for volunteering activities with ease! Ghandi once said that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

Volunteering is one way humanity can become better, and that’s what inspired us to create «Five up», a one of a kind app that helps volunteers both find and organize activities, while also allowing organizations to easily share their projects:

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Product Description

As a volunteer, «Five up» allows you to search for volunteering activities in your local community. Easily organize your activities and get notified of important events.

As an organization or private individual, you can find volunteers for your private or public projects with ease. You can create groups and share projects only with them or to the wide public. You can accept only those users that are a good fit for your project.

Being it at home, in your club or at work – with «Five up» organizing volunteering activities becomes easier than ever before.

Main features:

  • What? Where? When? «Five up» helps users manage their volunteering activities. Whether you are looking for volunteers for your project or trying to give a helping hand, «Five up» acts as a hub that puts together beneficiaries & helpers.
  • Create your own Network. With «Five up» you can create groups of users. Volunteering projects can be published to anyone or only to particular groups.
  • Stay Connected. You’re always up to date with your volunteering activities as «Five up» will send push notifications for important events (i.e. application status or rejections).
  • Find new volunteering opportunities. «Five up» uses an integrated map & location to help you find activities close to your location. It also helps users find or offer help when travelling abroad, by showing activities for particular cities/locations.

Volunteers do not get paid not because they’re not worth anything, but because they are worth everything. That’s why «Five up» is available for free on Google Play/iOS, with no ads or in-app purchases.