Robert Uomini
October 13, 2015
Andriod 3.2 and up


Five-to-Go pits you against the app in a test to see who can discover the other’s secret five-letter word first. Every time you make a guess, you’re told the number of letters common to your guess and the app’s word and which are in the same position. For example, if the app’s secret word is “stars” and you guess “sport”, the app would return a count of 2 (for the “s” and the “r”). On the other hand, if you had guessed “artsy”, the app would have returned a 0.

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Product Description

Five-to-Go may be currently played using word lists in either English or French, with support for more languages easily added. Because the playing algorithm used by the app is so powerful, you have the option of dialing down the app’s skill level, to give yourself a fighting chance. Everyone starts off with a rating of 1500 and when you win, the number of rating points you receive (between 2 and 50) depends on your rating before the game and the app’s skill level. An element of suspense is added by displaying the app’s progress as it ferrets out your secret word.

Improve your vocabulary in English and French and increase your IQ score, all while having fun in this suspenseful, easy-to-learn word game that you can play on any phone or tablet running Android version 4 or later.