FitzyTV: Cloud DVR

FitzyTV: Cloud DVR

FitzyTV: Cloud DVR

Fitzgerald Technologies LLC
Android 4.2+


Meet world’s first cloud DVR app! FitzyTV is a unique Android app that acts as a cloud DVR for the TV Everywhere channels you have access to as part of your cable or satellite subscription. It works with all US providers and can easily be set up to start recording your favorite TV shows.

Once connected with your provider, you can see which shows are upcoming, schedule recordings, or browse a list of TV series to record the ones you’re interested in.

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Product Description

With lots of channels supported, including major networks such as ABC, NBC, Fox Primetime, ESPN, FX, Disney Channel, FitzyTV is the perfect choice for a busy schedule – just let it record the shows you’re interested in and play them back whenever time allows it.

Main features:

  • World’s first Cloud DVR app. FitzyTV is the world’s first inexpensive cloud DVR solution. Just log in with your Cable/Satellite provider and FitzyTV will let you watch and record all of your favorite channels. This transforms your smartphone into a portable DVR.
  • All US Cable/Satellite subscriptions supported. FitzyTV supports all US Cable/Satellite providers (including web-based ones such as DirecTV Now).
  • Record your favorite shows. Once you’re connected through your provider, you’ll be able to tell FitzyTV to record any shows you’re interested in. From your favorite NBC drama, the can’t miss big game on ESPN or family favorites on the Disney Channel, FitzyTV allows you to never miss a moment.
  • Supports the most popular channels. More channels are continuously being added, and you are able to see upcoming shows and schedule recordings for each channel.
  • Chromecast support. FitzyTV has Chromecast support so you are able to cast live or recorded TV shows right to your big screen TV. It’s the most inexpensive DVR solution, right in your pocket.

FitzyTV is available for free on Google Play, with up to 100 hours of DVR storage available for purchase.