Fire Fall

Richard Asbh
Android 5+


Ready for a free-fall bouncy adventure? Meet Fire Fall, a dynamic adventure game where you must control a free falling bouncy ball in its descent to the finish line.

Bounce from one platform to another while avoiding deadly spikes until you reach the bottom. Try to avoid touching any blocks to increase your score and never touch the spikes as it’s game over.

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Product Description

The main goal in Fire Fall is to get the highest possible score and access the online leaderboards to compare how you stand against other worldwide players. Challenge your friends at a fun skill game! You can see Fire Fall in action in this quick demo:

Main Features:

  • Simple platformer gameplay. Fire Fall features a minimalist gameplay that focuses on skill. Control a free falling ball through various platforms while avoiding spikes until you safely reach the bottom.
  • Unlimited levels. The game features unlimited levels that increase in difficulty as you progress. Higher levels include more sophisticated block and spike placements that require better skills to finish.
  • Online leaderboard. The main goal in Fire Fall is to obtain the highest possible score. As you free fall, the less blocks you touch the higher your score will be. Access the online leaderboards to see how your global ranking is.
  • 3D graphics. Fire Fall has 3D graphics that are simple but beautifully crafted. Each level has a different background color, and obstacles (i.e. spikes) are in high contrast with the regular blocks to help you avoid them.