Finnish Dart Game

Finnish Dart Game

Finnish Dart Game

Headfish Entertainment
Android 2.3+


Finnish Dart is an Android game that lets you experience a traditional Darts game from the real home of Darts, Finland. As in the traditional game, you get points 1 to 10 depending on how close to the Bulls-eye you hit the target.

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Product Description

Each game has 3 rounds and you must score as high as possible to access the leaderboards. Here’s just a glimpse of its thrilling action:

Main features:

  • Precision-centric gameplay. Experience a fresh darts game where the goal is to target and hit the Bulls-eye (or as close as possible). Arrows fall vertically and you must tap to release them at the right time to hit the target.
  • Multiple rounds. Each game consists of 3 different rounds. The first is the slowest and easiest, while the last one requires incredible dexterity to hit the target. Each round can be replayed.
  • Minimalist design. Finnish Dart Game features a minimalist but beautiful design that allows you to concentrate on the actual gameplay rather than eyecandy.
  • Online leaderboard. In each round you fire 5 darts, with a total maximum score of 10 for each throw. Your total score is summed up at the end of all rounds, and you’ll be able to access the online leaderboards if you’re good at it.
  • Achievements. Finishing a round with all Bulls-eye hits will get you an achievement, as will other important milestones. You will also receive an award recognizing your dart skills.

The Finnish Dart Game is available for free on Google Play.