Fax Plus: Mobile Fax App

Fax Plus: Mobile Fax App

Fax Plus: Mobile Fax App

August 13, 2015
Android 4.0.3 and up


Fax Plus transforms your smartphone in a mobile fax machine. Just choose a document you want to fax from your phone or in the cloud and send it with a simple tap.

Fax Plus saves you time as you won’t need to fax the conventional way (printing, scanning and then faxing) – you can easily fax on the go photos, text, PDFs or documents stored locally or in the cloud

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use. Once installed Fax Plus lets you fax any document from your phone anywhere in the world with a single tap. No registration required & an ad-free interface.
  • Fax Any Document. You can fax documents stored on your smartphone, in your cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox) or upload images/PDF files even photos and regular text. Fax Plus lets you send anything from your phone to a conventional fax machine.
  • Competitive Fax Rates. There’s a flat rate to fax documents anywhere in the world. You can easily add credit through in-app purchases based on how many pages you want to fax (1/10/20 or 50 pages).
  • Document Status. You will receive live status updates when you fax documents based on successful or unsuccessful fax deliveries.

You can use Fax Plus as a standalone app to fax images, PDFs and text, or coupled with our other popular app (Smart Document Scanner) for a true scan-to-fax solution.