Andriod 4.1 +


Fartiste is the world’s most advanced fart sound generator by a large margin. This app raises the bar for fart apps to a whole new level. It is a 4-in-1 app and the only one on the market where you can create, save and play the wildest, funniest, and most disgusting fart sounds ever imagined with the powerful new Build-A-Fart synthesizer.

Think of Fartiste as the Auto-Tune of fart sounds!

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Product Description

Fartiste is the ideal app to use when pranking friends or to liven up parties by making everyone laugh. The farts possible with this app is UNLIMITED because you can make and play as many farts as your inner-fartiste can dream of. Make farts that SQUEEK, RUMBLE, TOOT, or ALL THREE, even change the DIET that inspires your fart. Just listen here what Fartiste can achieve:

Main Features:

  • Player Soundboard. If you lack “fartspiration” you can use the included fart player soundboard to access up to 20 different fart sounds. Plus, you can have it randomly generate new fart sounds.
  • Music Jukebox. Want to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your friend using just fart sounds? Look no more, you can use the Fart Music Jukebox to play your favorite songs using … FARTS!
  • Prank Motion Detector. You can spice up things at a boring party by pranking friends. Just set the Fart Time Bomb and leave your smartphone next to your friend to create an embarrassing moment – or use the Fart Motion Detector.
  • BUILD-A-FART. This is the most advanced fart sound studio app ever. Ultimately it includes the most powerful fart synthesizer ever that lets you build the most disgusting fart sounds ever!