Fart Commander

Clint E Morgan
Android 4.0.3+


Fart Commander is the world’s most advanced fart app. This app takes fart apps to a whole new level by allowing you to make fart sounds go off on other users’ devices; even when the device is asleep. Want to embarrass a friend, colleague or just have a good laugh at a party? Send them a fart bomb! Just open the app, select a friend, and choose from one of 75 available fart sounds. They only need to have the app running; foregrounded or backgrounded. Their screen doesn’t even need to be on.

Maybe you just want to play pranks on people around you. Easy! Set off random farts with optional delays and repeats! Whether you are sending fart bombs to others or setting them off locally, Fart Commander is smart enough to automatically increase your device volume to sound off the farts and set it back to normal when it’s done playing. This is all configurable inside of the application.

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Product Description

To make things even more interesting, Fart Commander uses a ranking system.  You earn points by sending fart bombs and playing incoming fart bombs “On Duty”. You get point multipliers for your auto volume settings and rank level.  Likewise, you lose points and risk demotion by being “Off Duty”. I have some really cool GPS based activities in the planning, but I need lots of recruits to make them a possibility.  If we get enough installs, these will definitely happen. We’re keeping the ideas a secret for now so the enemy doesn’t get their hands on our tech.

Checkout our short intro video:

Main Features:

  • Send Fart Bombs. 75 fart sounds organized in 7 different categories, with the most disgustingly-fun sounds you could think of. Pick a friend and send them a “smelly” surprise when they least expect it (in school, on a date, during a work meeting, etc…)
  • Advance in Rank. 20 ranks are available, from Gentle Puffer to Lord of Farts. Sending digital farts to friends and allowing fart bombs to run on your device scores you points and moves you up in rank. Be a brave soldier and turn up the volume to score high!
  • Play Random Fart Sounds. You can also use Fart Commander to prank others by having your device make fart sounds.  Just set the optional number of seconds to delay the fart(s), the optional number of times to sound of random farts (using the delay as the interval), and press the button!
  • Your Privacy is Respected. Fart Commander has options to disallow fart bombs from going off on your device, so your privacy is respected. But if you do want to engage in a fart war, it’s all one tap away.

Fart Commander is available for free on Google Play.