Farm Garden Hero

Andriod 2.2+


Are you ready for an amazing match-3 game with a gardening theme?

Meet Farm Garden Hero, a casual match-3 game where you must switch and match 3 or more identical crops to destroy those and increase your score. It’s not as easy as it sounds, since each level gets more challenging as you advance in this gardening puzzle. The graphics stand out through attractive animation effects and garden-themed items. The main goal is to match as many crops as possible to unlock powerful boosters (Hammer, Magic, Bomb, …) that help you destroy the crops faster.

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Product Description


Accompanied by a fast paced soundtrack, Farm Garden Hero is the perfect choice for those looking to play a challenging yet fun match-3 game. The challenging part comes with every next level, since each one is more difficult than the previous. But this adds to the game’s addiction and only makes it more attractive to play.

To play just switch and match 3 or more identical crops, until you get to the target score. Each level comes with coin bonuses and you can exchange those for booster recharges to get through the tough levels.

Main Features:

  • Easy to play, tough to master. Farm Garden Hero is very easy to play, just tap and swipe to switch between different crops and once you match-3 or more items those are destroyed. However, the more you play, the tougher the game gets.
  • Powerups. Once you play well enough you’ll gain boosters and those will help you get through the tougher levels. Hammers helps you destroy one item, Line will destroy one row and column, Color will destroy all items of the same type, Magic will increase with 5 moves and lastly the Bomb will destroy 3×3 items.
  • Great graphics. The game features playful graphics and great animations that make the gameplay that much more enjoyable. Coupled with a great soundtrack, you’ll have a blast playing Farm Garden Hero.
  • Improves problem solving skills. Farm Garden Hero is more than a simple casual game, it is actually a game that helps you fine-tune your problem solving skills since you need great observation skills to notice the matching items.

The game is available for free on Google Play.