EZ Voice

IK Multimedia US, LLC
- June 27, 2014
Andriod 4.0 and up +


“EZ Voice” is the new companion app for iRig Voice, iRig Mic and iRig Mic HD-A that makes it easy and fun to sing along with recordings. “EZ Voice” is packed with powerful features that turn any mobile device into a great sounding vocal performance and recording suite.

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Product Description

Import music and sing along with EZ Voice for Android smartphones and tablets — and sing with real time effects on Samsung Professional Audio devices.

EZ Voice features a simple graphic interface that divides its features into 3 main sections: REC, FX and SONG. The REC section lets you import songs, cancel the original vocal track, sing along and record. The FX section lets you apply all kinds of killer effects. The SONG section lets you load, manage and share your songs and recordings.


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