EventCast: Twitter for Events

EventCast: Twitter for Events

EventCast: Twitter for Events

September 16, 2015
Android 4.4 and up


EventCast is a planning app that allows organizers to create an event with multiple destinations that span hours or even days. Anyone can subscribe to an event by entering the event’s #hashtag code.

The participants will easily know WHEN the event takes place and WHERE they should go. Any changes to the schedule will immediately be synced.

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Product Description

Here are some of the features that make EventCast a great choice both for organizers and participants:

  • Simple & Anonymous. It’s very simple to create an event and no registration is required. No matter if you’re the organizer or the participant you don’t need to share your email or sign-up. You can use EventCast the moment you download the application.
  • Sync & Share. When an event is created a hasthag is also associated to it. This allows easy distribution as anyone having that unique hashtag can subscribe. If the event is changed, all subscribers get the modifications instantly.
  • Customize Events. Once participants subscribe to an event they can customize their own schedule and include only the parts of the event that they want to attend.
  • Get Notified. The app will keep subscribers on track to be sure they won’t miss events. The participants will receive notifications 15 minutes before the start of each agenda item they want to attend.

You can see EventCast in action here:

The app is available for free on Google Play and it doesn’t require any registration or any type of sign-up, just install and start creating events.