Marcelo Campi Lima
- August 18, 2014
Andriod 3.1 and up +


Etwid (an acronym for Electronic “That’s What I Do”) allows your daily activities to be created, scheduled and at the appointed time you will be reminded by a spoken voice command. When you first install the app you get some suggested activities to define tasks based on, but you can also define custom ones.

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Product Description

“Etwid – Speaking Calendar” is a great way to schedule an activity and be reminded when it’s due based on the voice notification. It was designed as an integrated app that has several modules, right now only the Speaking Calendar module is included but more will be released (e.g. some modules for Personal Finance, Car Maintenance, Trip and other personal daily activities).
Here’s a list of Etwid’s main features:

  • 6 ways to combine your daily activities (drink, eat, work out, take medicine, relax and other activity reminders)
  • Set a specific time or date for an activity or schedule it at a flexible time
  • Etwid is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese (plus a few others to be added based on requests)
  • Voice commands and notifications to remind you of the scheduled activities


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