Endless Cave Quest

Endless Cave Quest

Endless Cave Quest

- March 14, 2015
Varies with device
Android 4.0 and up +


“Endless Cave Quest” is a fun puzzle game where you have to find a way to escape from the mysterious endless cave full of locked doors. Can you remember correct order of twelve stones in randomly generated combination? Unlock the mysterious caves in this epic game to train your memory skills!

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Product Description

In “Endless Cave Quest” you are lost in caves and the only way to get out is to solve 40 challenging levels. Each level is a kind of memory task, you need to remember and repeat correct combination of selected stones on the locked doors in front of you.
You can do as many tries as you need, but according to your skill you receive stars. The more stars you collect by completing levels without any mistake, the more levels you can play. Level 21 – 40 can be unlocked only by The Master Stone (IAP). If you complete all 40 levels, you will find the exit to clear air and sunny day.
The game includes:

  • nice music and graphics
  • endless challenge in 40 levels
  • achievements
  • The Master Stone magical item (IAP)


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