Electroneum: Android Wallet & Miner

Electroneum: Android Wallet & Miner

Electroneum: Android Wallet & Miner

Electroneum Ltd
Android 4.4+


Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum but the differentiating point is that it can be mined on smartphones. It is the first UK-based cryptocurrency and targets mostly smartphone users. Right now (October 2017)

Electroneum cannot be mined while it is still in the Initial Coin Offer stage, but starting in November 2017 it will be mineable even from Android or iOS mobile phones. Right now you can purchase it from their site using this referral code for a 1% bonus: FA3DC4

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Product Description

UPDATE: Join the Electroneum Google+ Community to discuss with others about it: Electroneum Cryptocurrency

Electroneum sparked interest because obtaining Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash or other coins is very difficult, requiring a lot of specialized hardware. With Electroneum mining can be done even by novices without any technical knowledge, and right from their mobile phones.

With Electroneum for Android you’ll also be able to send or receive coins using your mobile wallet stored on your mobile phone. While it targets smartphones primarily, Electroneum can be mined on Windows, Mac and Linux (most likely CPU mining).


  • Social login. Once installed on your Android phone you will see a simple sign-up & login window. You can create an account using the regular email sign-up process, or connect via Facebook to login using that.
  • Android wallet. You’ll have access to your Electroneum Wallet right on your phone. It takes a while to load the first time as there’s a lot to sync, and you should have some storage space available on your device as well. But once that’s done, you can easily have access to your Electroneum.
  • Easy send & receive. Electroneum is meant to be a mobile cryptocurrency, so you will be able to easily send and receive the coin from your mobile phone.
  • Android mining. Electroneum can be mined right from the Android app without any extra technical knowledge. You’ll see the current hash rate and how much you’ve mined.

Electroneum will have a total market of 21 billion coins, 1,000 times more than what Bitcoin has now. The initial coin offer deployed $6 billion coins and the original developers had $200,000 worth of coins available as a bonus. Since the ICO for Electroneum is at $0.01 per coin, that means about 20 million coins were premined.

The Electroneum Online Wallet was re-launched on December 13th, 2017, while the mobile app still cannot be used for mining.