Eat the man

Android 5+


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Product Description

Welcome to the UpsideDown World! Eat the Man follows the story of a human stranded on a remote planet that must get back to Earth with his spaceship. The strange planet is filled with lots of dangers but don’t worry, the main goal of the game is to be EATEN by the alien monsters. You’ll respawn each time on a new level and be closer to your spaceship.

Travel through multiple worlds each with its own elements and obstacles. Avoid deadly spikes and other traps while trying to collect diamonds and reach checkpoints. Use diamonds to unlock new worlds. You can get a glimpse of its gameplay in this demo:

Game features:

  • Platformer gameplay. Eat the Man features a fun platformer with a unique gravity-aware gameplay. You can jump from one element towards another and you’ll be “caught” by its gravity, no matter if your character is upside down or normally standing.
  • Multiple worlds to explore. There are 6 worlds to play, each with dozens of levels thus a lot of hours to play through. Throughout each world you can collect diamonds and those are used to unlock new worlds.
  • Black & white design. The graphics showcase an artistic touch as the elements are all in black and white. It also has a hand-drawn touch that makes the game aesthetically pleasing for players.
  • Clever obstacles & physics. Each new level introduces clever obstacles that require skills to overcome. Jump on bouncy or rotating elements, avoid spikes and other deadly obstacles and reach the monster’s belly.