- April 3, 2015
Andriod 4.1 and up +


DSTRUX makes sharing sensitive information secure. It is the only app that allows users to share, message and post true self-destructing content. DSTRUX is better than Snapchat as it doesn’t allow recipients to do screen captures, print or save the items they receive. You are in full control over what happens with the secure files you share.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make DSTRUX the no. 1 choice for those needing a reliable private information sharing tool:

  • True Self Destruction. When you share a file you set a time limit on how long the file will be available to the recipients. When the timer runs out (or when you decide to do it) the file vanishes without a trace.
  • Controlled Access. With DSTRUX you keep control of a file after sharing it. Anything shared with DSTRUX cannot be printed, copied, or saved. You can even turn on the “blur” option to avoid an embarrassing screenshot (hey, we don’t judge what you decide to share)
  • Analytics. You have some basic analytics information as you can track every recipient who viewed a file and where that was forwarded to.
  • Nuke Files. With DSTRUX you leave a zero digital footprint as everything is encrypted during communication. When you decide to destroy a file, it gets shredded and erased from the recipients’ devices.
  • Public Share. With DSTRUX you can even post self-destructing files to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, with the same level of protection against screenshots and downloads.
  • Follow. Our newest feature allows users to subscribe to each other’s Public Shares and view self-destructing files shared by their friends all in one place.

32% of all users that post on social networking sites claim to regret sharing something at one point. As the first ever social-safety-net, DSTRUX lets people share without regret.


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