Droid Insight 360

Droid Insight 360

Droid Insight 360

Vishtek Studios LLP
Android 5+


One app to rule them all…

Droid Insight 360 is a 5-in-1 suite of apps (File Manager, Benchmark, Device Info, App Manager and Dev tools) that essentially gives you the power to rule over all your other apps.

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Product Description

With Droid Insight 360 you can easily manage apps and reduce clutter by cleanly uninstalling them, manage files with a desktop-grade manager, benchmark its hardware and more. You can see all its included tools in action here:

Main Features:

  • Manage Files & Folders. Get access to a powerful file manager with desktop-grade features. It displays previews of media files and includes various actions (i.e. copy/paste, search etc.). Has a material design UI, multiple layouts and 10+ themes to customize its look.
  • Control Your Apps. Manage all your apps from one place and easily take full control over them. View info on each app, launch or uninstall them with one tap. Search and filter your apps to easily manage what’s worth keeping.
  • Powerful Benchmarking. Find out how powerful your smartphone’s hardware is by running CPU (encryption hashes/sec), RAM (read speed) and SQLite (read/write) benchmarks. Share the benchmark results to see how your device compares to others.
  • Detailed Device Info. Get all the hardware and software details about your phone with a simple touch. From the power of your CPU, RAM, GPU, storage to realtime usage, Droid Insight 360 gives a fully detailed overview.
  • Developer Tools. If you are a developer Droid Insight 360 will help you check the device root status, its availability and busy box status. It can also display the Admob Test ID via its built-in generator.