Tip Tap Racer

Király Árpád
- November 4, 2014
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


In “Tip Tap Racer” the goal is to help a little funny car to avoid crashing into other nearby cars by accelerating when the road is clear. The gameplay is that simple, you tap to accelerate when no other cars are in front of you, or when other twisting cars are close to crashing into yours. Think of a top-down Flappy Bird like game with cars. The game is appealing to all ages, for kids it will be funny to watch the cars with eyes, for adults it will be challenging to try and beat their previous records.

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Product Description

Here are some features in “Tip Tap Racer”:

  • Top-down view of the racing cars and driveway, with a very simple gameplay (tap to accelerate)
  • Invite your Facebook friends and compete with them to see who can get the highest score
  • Increasing difficulty to ensure you survive passing at least the first two cars
  • Funny graphics as the cars have eyes and change faces
  • Video demo at https://youtu.be/9qdHOp7B99Y


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