Dragon Village 2

Andriod 2.2+


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Product Description

In Dragon Village 2, you adventure through the vast & mystical world of Utahkhan to explore, find & train new dragons to fight monsters. Your goal is to train the legendary dragons into perfection by engaging in exciting combats against monsters from various dungeons and test your dragon’s capability again other real worldwide players.

Chances and probabilities play a huge role in the game play, and the result of a battle cannot be guaranteed even with the strongest dragon, maintaining the game exciting for all users. Follow the enchantingly animated scenarios of this world, unveil mysteries and conquer ancient monsters.

Main Features:

  • Hundreds of Dragons. There are well over 260 legendary dragons you can tame, each with different appearances, stats, abilities, and elements! Each dragon has stages in their growth, making the game not only about fighting, but also about upbringing of a dragon from an egg to an adult, and beyond with upgrades. The game mechanics are very simple, allowing you to easily hatch new dragon eggs and level up to have a strong dragon squad.
  • Engaging story. In Dragon Ville 2, a beautiful story unfolds as you advance, with animated scenes and Anime-like cutscenes & dialogs. All the stories and characters are based on well-constructed background stories and lore. Other than the main scenario, there are abundant side quests and different modes which allows users to play the game in a completely different environment and difficulty. The neat graphics and realistic sounds add up to an unique gaming experience.
  • Upgrades & Items. You can improve your dragon’s abilities by equipping it with hundreds of items you unlock throughout the game. Everything can be upgraded but your dragon especially will become more powerful with each level-up.
  • PVP Tournaments. You can play the game against the AI, but the fun part is when fighting your friends or other worldwide players through the Player-vs-Player system. Strict weekly ranking system rewards players with precious items and dragon eggs at the end of the week. Start 1:1 or 3:3 battles and see who can be the best in the Colosseum.
  • Robust Guild systems. Join a guild to make new and helpful friends! Hold customized tournaments, fight together in raids, and PvP to become the best guild in the game! Guild ranking system is also available.

Dragon Village 2 is not yet another turn-based RPG, it is more like a beautiful playable story with a vibrant community you can join. Start your adventure and engage with millions of worldwide players.