Doge Spikes: Much WOW

Doge Spikes: Much WOW

Doge Spikes: Much WOW

Andriod 2.3+


Doge is a slang term for “dog” and is associated with photos of Shiba Inu (nicknamed “Shibe”), a Japanese breed. The sky-high popularity of this meme was an inspiration for many users and it was just a matter of time until Doge-centric games were created. Doge Spikes is such an example, a game that’s part fun part frustration (due to its difficulty) but overall a frustratingly-addictive experience.

In Doge Spikes you control a cute Doge character that must avoid all the deadly obstacles on its way to an endless journey. The side walls are filled with spikes and bricks also tamper Doge’s route. You simply tap to change its direction and if you are skilled enough you’ll master this technique of moving diagonally to avoid obstacles. Collect coins as well to be able and upgrade your character (soon to be released).

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Endless Gameplay. Doge Spikes is all about advancing as far as possible while avoiding deadly spikes & blocks. You control the Doge with simple taps to change direction, though careful as the slightest mistakes means game over.
  • Beloved Meme. The central character in this game is a beloved meme, Doge (the face of a Shiba Inu dog), the only dog breed that has its own cryptocurrency and looks incredibly cute. Such doge, much wow!
  • Clean Design. With a simple and clean design the game lets you enjoy the actual gameplay rather than admiring eye-candy. Accompanied by nice sounds, the game offers a great playing experience.
  • Beat your own score. Successfully dodge various obstacles to improve your score and beat your previous record. If you’re proud of your Doge achievement, you can share the highscore via an integrated link.

Doge Spikes is available for free on Google Play and only shows some random ads.