DoDo Superbird

Olaf Bühler
Andriod 2.2+


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Product Description

DoDo Superbird is a challenging endless flying game where you must help a cute bird advance as far as possible while avoiding deadly obstacles.

Enjoy refreshing landscapes with beautifully drawn characters as DoDo collects coins, powerups and dodges spiky enemies.

Main Features:

  • Endless Gameplay. Help a jetpack-powered DoDo Superbird achieve new heights! It flies automatically and all you have to do is tap to avoid deadly obstacles. Adventure spans several missions in a continuous style.
  • 30 Missions. Fly through unique landscapes in over 30 different missions that flow continuously as long as you achieve the mission goals. The goal is to cover the longest distance.
  • Power Boosters. Throughout the game you’ll be able to collect temporary power boosters that can protect you, accelerate the jetpack, attract coins, double the coins/score and more.
  • Online Leaderboard. Connect via Google Play Services to share your highscores with other DoDo Superbird players. This is a great incentive to compete with your friends to see who can travel the farthest.
  • Collect Coins. As you fly the cute DoDo make sure you collect all the possible coins! These can be used in the shop to buy protection against enemies and to upgrade the powerups.