Demon of Justice

James Skinner (MorbidPandaUK)
Android 5+


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Product Description

Help stop “El Diablo”! In Demon of Justice you control a weaponised satellite and are Earth’s last chance to save it from being overrun by demons. The aim is to stop various demons from leaving the screen, and invading the nearby towns and cities.

Use your skill and fast reflexes to take out all the demons before they slither to other cities. Collect in-game money to unlock more powerful weapons and blast them from above. You also get to fight against a powerful demon boss every 5th level. Get a glimpse of the game’s action in this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Top-down shooter gameplay. In Demon of Justice you must tap on the spawned demons as fast as you can to kill them before they destroy the surrounding cities. Before every 5th level ends, you must fight against a Boss Demon.
  • Unique levels. Overcome 25 unique levels and save multiple places across the world from the global demon invasion. Fight against a wide range of demons with various behaviors.
  • Unlock powerful weapons. The game has no micro-transactions, and all ingame money that you collect can be used in the shop to unlock different laser weapons.
  • Arcade visuals. Demon of Justice features smooth hand-animated pixel graphics reminiscent of retro Arcade games. Play for fun, not for the eye-candy!

Demon of Justice is available for a small fee on Google Play, but for a limited time you can get a full unlock Google Play promo code here: