Delta Loop

Gatomo Games
Andriod 2.3 and up


Delta Loop is a fast-paced game with Pong-like gameplay but in a constantly changing arena. We’re talking mutating walls, background warping and explosions of color.

Think you can score high enough to have a worthy record? Only through repeated practice, as Delta Loop is probably the most frustratingly-addictive game you’ve played so far.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Pong-like Gameplay. Delta Loop has Pong-like gameplay as you must hit an energy ball tricky enough to pass by your enemy and destroy its defense. You can move your character not only left-right but also vertically for increased challenge and strategy.
  • FPS-style Mechanics. Your health is diminished each time an enemy scores, but you can bounce back if you’re careful. Each time you defeat an enemy, your score increases and the goal is to get the highest possible score, though you’ll be lucky to get a 2 digit one!
  • Morphing Environment. Every game is different. The play arena is constantly morphing, with shape-changing walls and space warping backgrounds. This makes the game frustratingly addictive to play.
  • Colorful Graphics. Aside from the morphing environment, colors are also shimmering and changing in a rainbow-like explosion of nuances. This adds to the game difficulty as you’ll need good concentration skills to advance.

Delta Loop is just one tap away from a re-invented Pong experience and available for free on Google Play.