Defend Your Turf

Stephen Folkes
Andriod 2.3+


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Product Description

Defend Your Turf is an arcade-style game designed for touch-screens that mixes the action of beat ’em up games with the practicality of real-time strategy. All in an 8-bit pixel perfect environment accompanied by a must-hear original soundtrack.

The action in Defend Your Turf happens on the dangerous streets of a small town, where two groups of guys that hate each other fight for survival. With no political leaning whatsoever, you must help the Reds gain victory over Blue by using your brain as well as tapping abilities.Main Features:

  • Easy to play, tough to master. Rules are simple: you control a bunch of red guys and must beat-down the blues in a group street fight with smart real-time tactical strategy. Each new level gets incrementally more difficult, requiring more than speedy reactions; you’ll need your wits too.
  • Multiple levels. Play 36 different levels, each with a three-star rating, offering dozens (if not hundreds) of pure fun gameplay challenges. As levels advance new challenges are introduced, from falling cars and dark alleys to usable street items such as trash-can shields.
  • Retro design. Game features a retro design with pixel-perfect 8-bit graphics. Enjoy the look’n’feel of old arcade games as you venture on the streets to defend yo’ turf.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards. Unlock dozens of achievements (18 for now, more to come) as you begin to master the game. If you’re good enough you can also climb the social and global leaderboards; an excellent opportunity to challenge your friends.

While Defend Your Turf will be a delight for retro-nostalgics, it will also appeal to everyone else that likes a good challenge.