dBee (beta)

Android 5+


dBee is a full-stack cloud database system that makes deploying data and data-driven components to webpages very simple.

While there are several other notable web based systems (i.e. LAMP) and android apps (i.e. Memento), those are either too function limited, complex to manage or expensive to set up for regular users. dBee differentiates from those by lowering the entry barrier significantly through its simplicity and no-frills usage. It’s a perfect alternative for users that have smallish but relatively complex projects, where using an SQL engine written in Javascript would work best.

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Product Description

dBee is surprisingly small, weighting in under 90kB, and still has scope to be even smaller, faster and better optimized. The result is that it outperforms its competitors on cheaper mobiles over 2/3g networks, while also working very well on high-end devices.

Main features:

  • Create & save data in the cloud. dBee allows you to create and save data on a cloud server from where it can be read/edited from any web enabled device. Using it is very easy to create and manage your dBee hosted cloud relational database from any Android device.
  • Simple to set up a full-stack system. dBee has only one interface, is entirely written in Javascript and has its own embedded SQL engine using standard syntax. You can create custom Sql functions, data tables, queries, components and easily deploy them over the web.
  • Versatile. dBee allows you to create custom queries and easily organise data. Can be used via multiple devices and have databases shared with multiple users. You can manage and organize support files using the public filesystem database and use the recordset API for client side programming.
  • Usable as a learning tool. Its interface is as transparent as possible, making the coding experience straightforward. You can set it up in minutes and use it as a learning tool for programming in HTML, JS, CSS, SQL with basic templating.

dBee is currently in beta. Originally developed for embedded applications the underlying code, Sql compiler/runtime, recordset API and the ubq core are mature products. The front end mobile user interface is offered in its beta version.