Cubemetry Wars HD

Ghulam Jewel
Android 2.3 and up+

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Product Description

Cubemetry Wars HD is a first of its kind, a suite of 50 retro games that span hundreds of hours of play ranging from casual to hardcore. Think of it as childhood-in-a-box, if you’re from the golden age of retro-gaming.

I’m a solo indie game dev that created Cubemetry Wars as a tribute to thousands of hours spent “devouring” my consoles. Cubemetry goes beyond Arcade gaming as it includes level editors to create your own interactive worlds.

Main Features:

  • 50+ Unique Games. Cubemetry Wars is not a game, it’s 50 games in one (plus some fun extras). From re-enactments of classic Arcades to Multiplayer games such as paddle, you’ll find an extensive library of game types ranging from easy to hardcore.
  • Retro Graphics. Beautiful graphics with colorful and vivid HD visuals will help you immerse into the retro-nostalgic lane. Switch from 2D to 3D visuals and enjoy dynamic interactions with the environment (i.e. ripple effects).
  • Upbeat Soundtrack. Enjoy an Electric soundtrack with techno-infusions that changes for each game mode. Play all in the Jukebox and enjoy mesmerizing visuals. Soundtrack can be downloaded separately.
  • Powerful Extras. Aside the 50 different game types, you can also access an Extras section. This will unlock cool tools such as open-world space exploration in Planetarium (visit planets and learn about them) or unleashing the artist in you by playing Piano.
  • Social Gaming. Each game mode has its own leaderboard so once you connect your Google Play Services account you can compete against other players & unlock achievements. Add that to the Multi-player mode that has 7 games you can play with friends on the same device for true social gaming.

Even if it encapsulates so many games, Cubemetry Wars has very simple controls and each game is easy to pick-up-and-play. Furthermore, it can serve as a cognitive challenge as some games focus on memory training and reflex-testing. Lastly, Cubemetry Wars is available for free on Google Play and has no IAP or intrusive permissions.