Crazy Tunnel

Shamlan Al-Roumi
Android 2.3+


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Product Description

Ready for the newest frustratingly-addictive game in town? Meet Crazy Tunnel, a casual game that’s as impossible to master as it is easy to play.

The idea is dead simple, you are endlessly traveling through a tunnel filled with colored obstacles and must avoid them by simply tapping left or right to change directions. The goal is to travel the farthest before hitting an obstacle and starting over again and again.

Main Features:

  • Addictive gameplay (with a touch of impossible). Crazy Tunnel is easy to play but impossible to stay alive for long. Endlessly advance (in theory) through a tunnel filled with obstacles & try avoiding them.
  • Very simple controls. Tap right to move right and left to change direction, but swiftly enough to avoid the never-ending obstacles. The moment you hit an obstacles you start over.
  • Cool graphics & sounds. Game features a material-design style that helps you focus on gameplay while enjoying a relaxed playing environment. Accompanied by cool sounds & music you’re in for the tunnel ride of your life!
  • Achievements & leaderboard. Connect your Google Play account and access the online leaderboards to see who’s best among your friends or worldwide. Unlock achievements as you advance farther than ever.

Crazy Tunnel is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from putting your reaction skills to test.