Crazy Missiles

Elakerem Games
Android 4.0+


Ready for a classic Arcade flying game? Meet Crazy Missiles, an Arcade game where you must fly your plane through an endless wave of targeted missiles.

Use clever evasive maneuvers to dodge up to 10 types of missiles, collect power-ups and coins to try and survive longer.

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Product Description

Strap on your seat belt and prepare for take off through 10,000 levels! You can see the game in action in this quick demo:

Game features:

  • Endless Arcade gameplay, in theory. In Crazy Missiles the rule is simple, you must use evasive maneuvers to fly your plane away from endless incoming missiles. A classic Arcade gameplay where the missiles never stop coming, and it’s only a matter of WHEN you get shot down.
  • Collect coins and power-ups. Be on the lookout for collectible coins and also power-ups that help you when the merciless missiles get to you. Collect shields to offer temporary invincibility and survive longer.
  • Unlock powerful planes. You start with a low-level Red Lobster plane but you can use your coins to unlock up to 9 different extra planes. Each new plane is more powerful than the other, with better steering, health and maneuverability.
  • Level up. Crazy Missiles has 10,000 different levels, and you pass from one to the next after surviving for a certain amount of time. New levels bring new surprises, as there are 10 different types of missiles to dodge.
  • Leaderboards. Connect your Google Play account and access the online leaderboards to see how well you did against other players. Challenge your friends to see who’s a better pilot.