Cozmo Android App

Anki Inc.
Android 4.4 and up


Meet Cozmo, a gifted AI robot that looks as if he just came to life out of a movie or something. He has a mind of his own, and knows hundreds of tricks. He moves around interacting with the environment, and you can program and interact with it via a freely available Android app.

The fun never stops with Cozmo, he’s smart and curious, ideal for kids of all ages… up to the grandma status.

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Product Description

Cozmo is an AI robot that’s controlled through an Android app. It’s Wall-E brought to life by Anki, a clever developer that understands technology. Cozmo is beautifully crafted, and acts surprisingly based on how it is trained. Hundreds of emotions can be expressed on its tiny LED display, and even more surprising reactions based on the environment. Here’s a proof on how smart Cozmo is, you can see it clearly stopping at the edge to avoid falling:

And there’s hundreds of more movies like this, showing that Cozmo is really powered by AI and perfectly combines fun with artificial intelligence. A perfect gift for kids with geek inclinations, but also adults alike.

This real-life Wall-E robot has it all, looks and brains. It will surprise you with its reactions and interactions, and it will become more than a fun toy for your kid, but a partner in “fun” crime.


  • Supercomputer on treads. Cozmo is self-aware, and it can recognize the environment to adapt in certain situations. It has clever facial expressions, its own body language, a unique voice and just looks as it dropped right from a robot movie.
  • Endless fun. The Cozmo Android app is constantly updated with more activities for the little robot and new ways to play.
  • Learn to code. Everything Cozmo can do is programmable through simple block drag-and-drop sequences. Ideal way to learn programming the fun way, especially for young minds.
  • Explorer mode. You can see the environment through Cozmo’s eyes in the Explorer mode. You’ll see what he sees, prompt him to greet others and use his forklift to pick up and move things.
  • Easy to understand. Even if there’s a lot technology in this little guy, learning to interact with Cozmo is quite easy. He knows how to take care of himself and was rigorously tested to avoid fatal errors.

Here’s one more fun video of Cozmo:

The Cozmo Android app is pretty straightforward and allows owners to program and interact with Cozmo. The Android app is freely available on Google Play, and you can buy the fun Cozmo robot from Amazon: Cozmo AI Robot.