Corkloud: Geolocation Cloud

Corkloud: Geolocation Cloud

Corkloud: Geolocation Cloud

August 22, 2015
Android 2.3 and up


Corkloud is an app that helps you find important news & information around you. Corkloud is community-powered and uses geolocation to help you find out what is happening in your areas of interests.

Wondering what school is good in a new city you want to move? Corkloud will help you find that. Want to be alerted anytime there’s some important things happening in your areas of interest (your home, workplace, neighbourhood)? Corkloud will let you know.

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Product Description


Here are some of the features that make Corkloud a must have social app:

  • Community powered. Corkloud is like Waze but for information. Users publish content (text, links, videos, photos) and gain reputation based on the accuracy & importance of what they share.
  • Geolocation news. You can share anything, from important news for a particular region to a beautiful photo of a visited place. These are geolocated to help others in that area discover those.
  • User profiles. Each user has his own profile that shows what notes they’ve shared and comments posted. Others can alter the reputation of an user by voting their shared content.
  • Social integration. Corkloud is fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook to easily re-share what others posted. You can also quickly include Youtube videos.
  • GPS enhancements. Corkloud uses the GPS on your device to help you discover local news and information. You can use it without GPS too, just you won’t see automatically information near you.

Corkloud lets you follow other users or areas of interest to be alerted when something is posted. This way you’re always aware of everything important that happens in your area and comment on what everybody posts.

With Facebook, Twitter and others of the same kind you are bombarded with information that’s not always useful. Corkloud solves that by only showing geolocated information tailored to you.