Cool Math Endless Run

Cool Math Endless Run

Cool Math Endless Run

Cool Math Games
Android 4+


Looking for a fun yet educational game for your kids? Look no more, as Cool Math Endless Run is the perfect combo of fun gameplay and math challenges.

Cool Math Endless Run combines, as its title suggests, our favorite genres: endless runners with math exercises that help kids boost their math learning, successfully complementing lessons learned at school.

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Product Description

In this cool math game you control a cute character (out of 8 available) and must help it release all its trapped friends from the Halloween Town. Use simple swipes to dodge obstacles, collect coins to upgrade your character, and solve math questions to unlock powerups.

Game features:

  • Endless run gameplay. Cool Math Endless Run has an incredibly simple gameplay with an educational side that’s highly addictive for all ages. Just swipe to dodge obstacles and collect coins, while using math spells for powerups.
  • Learn while playing. This game is a great tool for parents/teachers that want to teach kids counting, subtraction, addition or division. During the game math spells can be activated by choosing the correct answer.
  • Fun characters. Collected coins can be used to upgrade each character’s abilities, and diamonds can be used to unlock new characters, from Lily the cow to Lara the giraffe, one more fun than the other.
  • Beautiful graphics. The game features an outstanding design, from fun & cute characters (even enemies), to the Halloween town the action is set in. The design will make kids believe they play a cartoon rather than a game.
  • Achievements. Connect with Google Play Games to unlock lots of achievements and make the gameplay even more interesting.
  • Global Ranking. Compete with friends to see who’s better at running and nevertheless MATH!