Roee Daliyot
- August 9, 2014
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“ContactPage” replaces the multitude of contacts lists we all have hanging on the fridge for our kids friends, work colleagues, family and so on. This app’s unique approach is to create lists of contacts that can be shared and updated dynamically by the contacts themselves. It will let you clean that fridge and allow you to pin your family photos instead :-).

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Product Description

Here’s a list of features ContactPage offers for those that want to better organize contacts:

  • Create separate pages each with their own contacts based on their purpose (i.e. friends of your kids, clients for your company, favorite coffee shops, event organizers, …)
  • Share your contact pages with others via email or SMS messages
  • Contacts in your lists can update their own details automatically, no need for you to keep them up to date
  • Phone, e-mail or text each member or the entire list in one quick tap

ContactPage gives you the benefit of quickly finding contact details while maintaining their accuracy as your own contacts get to update their details.


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