Android 4.0 and up

$0.00 is a mobile advisor that displays reviews for companies based on real time general public hashtag ratings.

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Product Description lets users evaluate companies by rating their Service, Product and Cost-Benefit. If you go out and enjoy a place you can evaluate it with hashtags. Evaluated companies can get in touch with the reviewers and reward them (no matter what their rating was). helps consumers be more informed and it also allows companies to get in touch with users that evaluated their services.

Here are some of its main features:

  • International. works worldwide so you can use it as a guide to discover the best companies.
  • Interactive. You can use as your city guide to find the coolest places.
  • Be heard. With this app you can leave your opinion on every place/company that you’ve interacted with and be rewarded for your opinion.
  • Social reviews. See the evaluations your friends left about their experience with local establishments and avoid bad experiences!

The best part about is users can get feedback from the companies they evaluate and even be rewarded for their review.


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