Ajay Anand
Android 5+


Need a wingman? Who’s better suited to be your wingman than one of your friends. That’s the core idea of the Wingman app, as it allows you to easily match any of your two friends. You can also receive recommendations from your friends and with a simple left/right swipe you can accept or reject it.

Friends are better matchmakers than any algorithm, that’s why Wingman is unlike any other dating apps. It doesn’t use an algorithm to recommend possible matches, it uses real recommendations from those that know you best, your FRIENDS!

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Be the matchmaker. The app’s main idea is very simple, pick any 2 friends from your list of contacts and recommend them to each other. Add a short description of each and become a matchmaker!
  • Meet new people. Any of your contacts can do the same for you, recommend someone that you might be a good match for.
  • Chat. Wingman has its own in-app chat so you’ll be able to discuss with your friends in realtime without leaving the app. This way you can get quick updates if your recommendations led to a match.
  • Easy interaction. With Wingman it’s very easy to make and accept friend recommendations. With a simple left/right swipe you can accept or reject a friend’s recommendation. Just as easy to match 2 friends.