Colors on the Brain

Colors on the Brain

Colors on the Brain

David Is Goliath Games LLC
Andriod 2.3+


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Product Description

Colors on the Brain is a challenging yet beneficial brain training game based on the Stroop effect. The Stroop effect has been used for nearly a century to test people’s reaction times, and in the case of Colors on the Brain, train your brain to cut down on those interferences we all occasionally have.

On a square or hexagon shape split into four or six colors, you must tap on the color that either matches the color of falling words or the color mentioned in the word. These two challenges help train your left side of the brain and right side respectively. The game gets increasingly difficult as you advance, since the time you get to match the falling word/color continues to decrease with every correct answer. If that’s not challenging enough, take a spin on Frenzy mode. Frenzy mode not only varies the speed of the falling words but the timers in which new words drop as well.

Here’s what’s captivating about Colors on the Brain:

  • Brain-training gameplay. The game puzzles are designed to help you train your left and right side of the brain.  The goal is to tap a shape with four or six color sections so that it matches either the color of the falling word (right-brain training) or the mentioned color in the text (left-brain training).
  • 2 Game modes.  Colors on the Brain offers two different game modes. The first is Training, a slower paced mode focused on matching one color at a time with incremental, but constant speed increases.  The second is Frenzy, where the pace is not only varied, but the time at which new words appear is as well.  There is no limit to the number of active words at a time, so be ready to play when you start the frenzy! Each play mode has Normal and Hard difficulties levels with four or six respective colors, as well as options for left or right brain.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards.  Colors on the Brain is better when competing with your friends and other players.  Just connect your Google Play account and get access to social/worldwide leaderboards to see who’s better!  Unlock almost 20 different achievements, and prove you truly are a brainiac!
  • Multi-language support. If English is not your native language you can still enjoy Colors on the Brain, which has been translated to 17 different languages. Just a simple tap switches to your native language, but you can also use it to learn color names in other languages.

“Colors on the Brain” also features an amazing hand-drawn-like design and a stimulating piano soundtrack – you can get it for free from Google Play.