Color Maze

RisingHigh Studio
Android 4+, iOS 6.0 +


In Color Maze you jump through the world of white towers and Vibrant Paths. Leap past stacks and tiles, trigger switches, ride lifts and enter portals that will change the course of your journey. As you move upwards, be sure to switch side to side and match the color tiles.

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Product Description

With simple one touch controls, tap left or right to jump to switch directions. Follow the coloured paths and navigate through the Color maze. Avoid the enemy arrows and don’t miss a step or you’ll disappear into the abyss! Will you conquer the heights and soar to the Top of the Color Maze Leaderboards?

Color Maze Features:

  • 24 Characters to Unlock
  • Infinite Random Mazes
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Ambient Soundtrack
  • Game Leaderboards

We’re RisingHigh, A 10 time Apple featured Indie studio from the UK. Color Maze is one of the 6 games we ported from iOS onto Google Play Store and you can view all of them here on our Google Play Developer page.