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Clicker Champions

Clicker Champions


Clicker Champions is a game of KILL or BE KILLED so tapping skills must be backed by strategy if you want to advance in later stages of the campaign mode. When you die you lose all items and levels, so only true RPG gamers can make it until the end (however the character does gain ranks providing strong multipliers and stronger skills for future fights).

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Product Description

In Clicker Champions the main action is focused on tapping your way to victory. You control a hero that must fight against powerful monsters and almost impossible bosses as he advances through a fantasy realm. Your hero will become more powerful as he gains more levels, earns new ranks and unlocks new skills. And just as every RPG that respects the tradition, you’ll be able to upgrade your items to defeat enemies.
Here’s what makes this game enticing to the RPG-genre fans:

  • Fantasy RPG Gameplay. You choose a class for your hero (Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric) and then head on to fight hordes of monsters in campaign mode or infinite waves of enemies in the endless mode. Tap & use skills to deal damage to your enemies or rely on your heroes auto-attack and just focus on the strategy.
  • Powerful Enemies. You’ll fight your way through a variety of different fantasy monsters from dragons & giants to zombies and many others. Ultimately, unlock the Boss Lair and challenge 25 ultimate bosses that don’t go down easily.
  • Level-up. As you win more fights you’ll be able to earn new ranks and get extra multipliers to boost your stats. This will unlock new skills and you’ll have a more powerful hero. Additionally everytime you reach achievements you’ll get additional bonuses.
  • Upgrade your Weapons & Armour. Each kill earns you coins or gems that you can use to buy new gear. This way you can access more than 30 unique legendary weapons and armor items that will help you to crush your enemies.


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