Circle Arena

Iron Sky Games
Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Ready for an Arcade multiplayer space RTS game? Meet Circle Arena, a challenging game that tests your skills while playing against other worldwide (real) players. Choose your fighting class, a game mode then head onto your desired arena to destroy enemies. Avoid bullets and other dangerous obstacles while trying to find the winning strategy.

Train against the AI in single player mode or pick multiplayer if you want to see how well your space shooting strategy is compared to that of other real players. Think fast, act faster and don’t turn your ship to dust!

Game Features:

  • Space RTS Gameplay. Circle Arena features a RTS gameplay where you must maneuver, swerve and move your ship fast enough to deceive your enemies and destroy them. Avoid colliding with dangerous objects and try to be the last player standing at the end of the game to win.
  • Choose your Game. Before starting a game you can choose one of the 4 customizable main game modes. Play Survival to see who wins after 3 rounds or Time Attack to see who gets the most wins in a short time. After you’re experienced enough, King of the Hill or Wave Defense are more interesting.
  • Single or Multiplayer. You can play in Single player mode or choose Multiplayer to connect and play with your friends. Add real players to your arena fight or choose the AI if you want to fill some empty player spots.
  • Arcade Design & Soundtrack. The game features an Arcade design that reminds of good’ol retro gaming times. It includes impressive dynamic backgrounds and lightning, plus a well matched original soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Tutorial Mode. The controls in Circle Arena are very easy, but you can play a tutorial to better understand the game’s elements and see what your fighter is capable of doing.