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Are you looking for a new restaurant, a bar to watch the game, a date night adventure or even a new job? Are you preparing for a work trip and want to know what local gems you just can’t miss out on? Do you want to connect with fellow music lovers and discover the soundtrack to your next workout?

Channels offers a solution for all these situations, and much more. It lets you create and follow geo-tagged social channels where you can anonymously discuss shared interests with like-minded users or just explore new ideas.

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Product Description

Here’s what makes Channels more than just a simple app, but an actual experience:

  • Geo-Tagged Channels. The core of this app consists of Channels (or Hubs) where users with similar interests can interact and discover new information (i.e. new ways for exploring the city). The app uses geo-tagging to show channels close by and help you connect with those in your vicinity. You can find new channels on a live map or by using the tag-based search tool.
  • Subscribe to Channels. You can subscribe to channels of interest and receive notifications when new information is posted. You can also create your own channel by adding a simple description, tagging it and optionally a photo. Want a channel focused on your expertise? Or one where you allow users to exchange items? Channels lets you do that easily.
  • 100% Privacy. Channels connects users anonymously via chat. Each channel has its own group chat where subscribed users can have like-minded conversations. Being anonymous there’s no risk of disclosing personal information even when joining close-by channels. And once you finish a channel conversation you can simply unsubscribe.
  • No Logins. Channels doesn’t have any registrations, log-ins, ads, or anything that involves your personal information. Simplicity at its best given that it doesn’t have any menus and with a few simple swipes you can join a conversation. Location is asked only when creating a channel, but that is optional as well.

What makes this app special is its power to be absolutely anything you want it to be. All without any compromise on your privacy, as you are not sharing any of your personal information.