Cell Surgeon

Carlton Zhu
iOS 6.0 +, Android 4+


Cell Surgeon is a mobile touch based puzzle game about killing Viruses that combines unique gameplay with amazing cutscene filmography. Cell Surgeon isn’t yet-another-clone matching game, it is a Match-4 game with an unique twist for the hardcore player.

You play as Dr Rylus, a virologist that must save Neutron City from a deadly virus. To do this you must tap, swipe, double tap, Tap n Hold, and do many other gestures to match 4 viruses on a nucleus. There are 9 unique viruses, each with a different gesture requirement.

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Product Description

Cell Surgeon goes beyond the regular gameplay and offers an entire narrative with realtime rendered cutscenes. Aside the unique gameplay you’ll also enjoy the story that unfolds as Dr Rylus’ tries to find a cure for the deadly virus. You can experience a glimpse of the game in this trailer:

Here’s what makes Cell Surgeon a captivating experience:

  • Multiple Levels. 26 intense levels will keep you entertained for hours in Campaign mode! Each gradually more difficult and ultimately fight tough Bosses to defeat the Megavirus. Beat the game to unlock Arcade mode, and try to play for highscore.
  • Unique Gameplay. Perform different touch gestures to match 4 viruses and destroy those. There are 9 unique viruses that makes up the Megavirus, each with its own gesture combination. Tap, swipe, tap’n’hold & keep doing it!
  • Amazing Cutscenes. Cell Surgeon will feel more like playing a cartoon-themed movie rather than a game, as it unfolds an entire story about Dr Rylus. Over 10 mins of 3D animated in-game cutscenes will hook you right up.
  • Powerups. When things get tough don’t despair, as you’ll be able to unlock powerups to ease the levels. Use the Bioclaw, Injection and even the almighty Antibiotics to destroy the Megavirus faster.

Cell Surgeon is more than a game, it is a whole new entertainment experience that helps you improve your observation skills. The game is available for a small fee on Google Play and has no in-app purchases or ads.