Catch the Pearl: Fish Story

Catch the Pearl: Fish Story

Catch the Pearl: Fish Story

Little Apple Games
October 3, 2015
Android 2.3 and up


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Product Description

In Catch the Pearl: Fish Story you control a cute fish named Cody that loves pearls and loves to collect them all. Simply drag the fish in the direction of the pearls and try to avoid enemies that steal your precious collection. Advancing to the next level is done by depositing enough pearls in the fish house.

The game can be played in single player mode or 2 players on the same device, thus perfect for some quality family time. Kids can easily control the fish and due to the non-violent nature of the game they will enjoy every moment.

Here are the features that make this game a perfect choice for Arcade fans of all ages:

  • Arcade Gameplay. Very easy gameplay suitable for children as you control a fish and must collect colored pearls and deposit them in a fish house while avoiding the sharks, jellyfish or other malicious creatures.
  • Multiple Levels. Each game level requires a number of pearls to be collected for advancing to the next one. As the level changes, new enemies show up (from insidious rays to evil minions). Optionally collect objects dropped by tourists to access the bonus level.
  • Upgrades. You can collect coins too and those can be used to purchase upgrades. The fish house can be upgraded to allow faster pearl collecting or to become bigger and be easier to hide into.
  • Power-ups. Your fish will receive bonuses that act as power-ups. You’ll be able to stop opponents for a moment (with the alarm clock), accelerate (rocket), shield (resist to attacks) and many others that make the gameplay even easier than it is.
  • Family Game. This is mainly a family game suitable for children of all ages. It doesn’t contain any violence and has cute graphics/sounds plus an easy-to-start gameplay (gets tougher down the road).

You can see the game in action on YouTube: