CallzApp: Dialer App

CallzApp: Dialer App

CallzApp: Dialer App

Inphyniti Ltd
May 27, 2015
Android 2.2 and up


Wouldn’t be nice if you could separate casual calls from urgent ones? If you had a way to prioritize them based on importance? CallzApp offers just that, it allows users to make and receive calls that have a priority associated.

The caller can mark a phone call with Emergency (i.e. car broke down), set it as Important or Urgent, but also just use the normal call priority if there’s nothing important to transmit.

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Product Description

Here’s a list of features that make CallzApp a great replacement for your regular phone dialer:

  • Priority Tagged Calls. CallzApp users can make Normal calls or Priority Calls (Urgent, Important or Emergency). The type of priority is displayed on the receiver’s phone when the call is in progress.
  • Call Message. You can send a short message when making the call and it will be displayed on the receiver’s screen when the phone rings (i.e. “Urgent Call. Car Broke Down.”).
  • Offline Tagging. If you are not able to answer a call that has priority associated, CallzApp will still save the caller details with the priority call type in the logs. This way when you look through the log you can see what type of call it was.
  • Most/Less Used Contacts. CallzApp comes with another interesting feature that lets you see with which of your contacts you haven’t discussed in a long while. This way you can manage your contacts and even remove those that you haven’t talked with in a very long time.

Priority of communication is crucial as it helps you save time especially if you are the busy type. CallzApp is the only dialer app that can associate priorities alongside calls.


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