Call Blocker

Vlad Lee
Andriod 4.1+


Everyone is annoyed by telemarketing & unwanted calls and one of the easiest solution to that problem is Call Blocker. It will allow you to easily block individual phone numbers or block all those that come from private numbers or contacts that are not in your address book.

You can even set rules for blocking phone numbers that begin with a particular set of digits.

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Product Description

Call Blocker maintains a whitelist too so that it will always accept calls from those numbers no matter what other blacklist options you have enabled. You’d be able to block all calls except for those in your whitelist if you want to do so.

Main Features:

  • Easy Call Blocking. You can choose to automatically block calls from phone numbers marked as private and also from numbers not in your list of contacts. If you need total silence you can block all calls.
  • Blacklist numbers. Maintain a list of blacklisted phone numbers to avoid unwanted calls from telemarketers or annoying contacts. You can add individual numbers or block all phone numbers that match a particular filter.
  • Log blocked calls. All calls that were blocked show up in a special Log tab for you to overview them. This gives you the option to decide whether to call someone back or not without the need to act immediately.
  • Whitelist phone numbers. You can add a list of phone numbers to the whitelist and those will never be blocked, no matter what other blocking options you have turned on.