CalcNote: Notepad Calculator

CalcNote: Notepad Calculator

CalcNote: Notepad Calculator

Android 4.0+


CalcNote is an unique app that combines the versatility of having a Notepad with the multi-line calculations you have in Excel.

With it you can write a formula/calculation on a line and instantly see the result on the right, then continue with a line of text, then back with formulas and so on.

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Product Description

CalcNote is smart enough to distinguish text from formulas. It supports the most important mathematical operations, logarithmic and trigonometric functions plus many more.

With CalcNote it’s like having a pocket-size smart notepad that recognizes calculations and shows their result. Main features:

  • Instant calculator & realtime results. CalcNote will instantly evaluate any mathematical expression and display result in real-time. With a Notepad-style interface you write operations on each line and see results instantly. You can combine text-lines with calculations.
  • Multi-line calculations & references. Every line in CalcNote is evaluated so you can write different operations on each. It even allows referencing lines as in Excel so you can do multi-line combined calculations (i.e. $2+$3 adds up the results from line 2 and 3).
  • Different keypads with operations. Swipe right-left to switch between different keypads with multiple operations you can perform. Regular mathematical operations, logarithmic, trigonometric functions (i.e. sin, cos), permutations/combinations as well as a percentage calculator and unit converter.
  • Save & Export. In CalcNote you can organize your calculation sheets in folders, save them individually and even export expressions if you want to use them elsewhere (i.e. in Excel, in a scientific paper, etc.).
  • Customize appearance. You can customize CalcNote by changing its background/text color, showing/hiding line numbers, fonts, display format, customize the keypad and much more.

CalcNote is available in 2 versions on Google Play:

  1. Free version (ADS)
  2. Paid version (no ADS)