Android 2.2 and up


Cadie is an app that lets you manage your world of information from a single place: your notes, reminders & events, pictures & other media and just about anything else.

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Product Description

With Cadie not only that you have all your information centralized, but you can also chat with your buddies and discover new friends through the in-app buddy recommendations. Furthermore, you can get recommendations based on your events, notes, etc. and have everything synced via Dropbox.

Here’s a list of its main features:

  • Buddy Chat. Chat your way to glory with the integrated buddy chat and discover new friends based on the app recommendations.
  • Share Notes, Events, Reminders etc. and collaborate with your buddies and seek suggestions, advice without the pressure of being liked or endorsed.
  • Scheduler. Schedule events, reminders or add to-do list items with this all-in-one app.
  • Recommendations. From friend to web recommendations, Cadie will try its best to give you the perfect match with its built in lite artificial intelligence engine
  • Export or sync. You can export or share notes via email/PDF, as well as have your information synced with Dropbox to all your devices.
  • Contextual clues. You can search and filter items using the contextual clues, also useful to retrieve your stuff faster.


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