Business Inc: Startup Simulator Game

Business Inc: Startup Simulator Game

Business Inc: Startup Simulator Game

iOS 6.0 +


Business Inc. is a simulation game where you must manage a gaming startup in a fierce environment. “Business Inc.” is a Winner of the 2016 PMI Continuing Professional Education Product of the Year Award due to its resemblance to the realities of running a startup.

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Product Description

Your goal is to help your startup grow from initial seed funding to multi-million $$$ deals. Hire employees, manage projects, upgrade your office all while carefully balancing your finances. Choose what pace you want for the game and accelerate it if you can handle taking multiple decisions at once. Bank on cashflow projects and dump the loser ones. Can you handle the pressure?

Game Features:

  • Startup Simulator Gameplay. Business Inc. is the ideal startup gaming simulator. As the manager of the company you’ll have to juggle with keeping the business afloat while hiring and managing employees, starting new projects or terminating loser ones and many unexpected business situations.
  • 3 Difficulty Levels. You can play in Easy, Medium or Hard. The easy mode is for novices, the competition is low and not much pressure from employees. In Medium employees will ask more often for raises and competition will snatch projects. Hard mode is just like real-life, quitting employees, aggressive competition and more.
  • Dozens of Employees. As your business grows you’ll get to hire up to 15 different employees. Each employees has certain skills & motivation, you’ll have to keep the motivation up and upgrade their skills to work faster on assigned projects. Happy employees equals business profitability!
  • Endless Projects. Projects will be listed continuously on the market and you’ll have to decide which one is worth starting on. Carefully consider the effort vs revenue and be sure to terminate projects that are losing money rather than cashing in.
  • Grow your Business. You start up in a garage, as all great startups. Soon you’ll need more room for new employees so you can upgrade your business location to accommodate more employees – with a rising cost in fees though.

Business Inc. is available for free on the iOS AppStore, so one tap away from testing your entrepreneurial skills: