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Product Description

Business Inc. 3D is a startup simulation game where you must manage a gaming studio in a fierce business environment. Your goal is to help your startup grow from initial seed funding to multi-million $$$ projects. Hire and help employees develop, manage new and existing projects, expand and upgrade your office all while carefully balancing finances.

Choose what pace you want for the game and accelerate it if you can handle taking multiple decisions at once. Ride the positive cashflow of successful projects and dump loser ones. Watch out for the competition and act fast, as demonstrated in this quick demo of Business Inc. 3D:

Game Features:

  • Startup Simulator Gameplay. Business Inc. 3D is the ideal startup gaming simulator where you must juggle with keeping the business afloat. It resembles a real startup environment, from hiring and keeping talent, to handling the pressure of completing projects ahead of competition.
  • 3 Difficulty Levels. Play in Easy, Medium or Hard. Easy mode is for novices, where competition and pressure from employees is low. In Medium, employees ask more often for raises & competition snatches projects. Hard mode is like real-life, quitting employees, aggressive competition and more.
  • Dozens of Employees. As your business grows, you get to hire different employees. Each has certain skills & motivation, you’ll have to keep the motivation up and upgrade their skills to work faster on assigned projects. You must also buy everything they need to work, from desks to keyboards.
  • Endless Projects. Projects will be listed continuously on the market and you’ll have to decide which one is worth starting on. Carefully consider the effort vs revenue and be sure your employees have the skills required. Terminate losing projects and cash in on the profitable ones.
  • Grow your Business. You start up in a small office, as all great startups. Soon you’ll need more room for more desks, so you have to buy new offices to accommodate more employees. The cost of maintenance rises as well!

Business Inc. 3D is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from testing your entrepreneurial skills