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Product Description

Bus Simulator Racing is a physics-based bus driving game with beautiful 3D graphics.

You play as a driver of a double-decker bus and must keep the bus on track to reach the finish line. While that might sound easy the road ahead is paved with challenges and only a skillful driver will be able to avoid accidents. This is more than a simple driving game, it’s actually a test for your reflexes. Steer, drift and GO!

Here are some of the features that makes this a realistic bus driving simulator:

  • Bus simulator gameplay. Enjoy a thrilling physics based driving game where the purpose is safely taking students to school. Use your skills to drive fast without crashing the bus and reach the destination in time.
  • Easy controls. Just as driving a real bus you must handle the steering wheel, shift/brake/acceleration pedals. You can tap to steer the bus or tilt your device to keep it on the road.
  • 3D graphics. Embark on a stunning visual ride as the game has cool 3D graphics and smooth effects. You’ll race through different weather conditions (rain, sunshine, snow) both by day or night and the visuals will swiftly adapt.
  • Leaderboards. Gather stars by driving well and if you score high enough you can access the leaderboards. Connect with Facebook and you’ll be able to challenge your friends to see who’s a better driver.
  • Multiple levels. You can drive through 8 levels, each incrementaly more difficult than the previous. You’ll also unlock exciting missions and the purpose for each level is to gather all the stars while staying crash-free.

Bus Simulator Racing is available for free on Google Play and only displays some minor ads.